About DiCaLum

DiCaLum is a collection of GNU Octave routines to convert digital camera raw images to luminance maps. The code will be freely available after the calibration database is built.

A brief description of Dicalum:

Zoltán Kolláth & Anita Dömény: "Night sky quality monitoring in existing and planned dark sky parks by digital cameras",
International Journal of Sustainable Lighting, Vol 19 No 1 61-68 (2017)

Papers based on DiCaLum:

Andreas Jechow, Zoltán Kolláth, Salvador J. Ribas, Henk Spoelstra, Franz Hölker & Christopher C. M. Kyba: "Imaging and mapping the impact of clouds on skyglow with all-sky photometry",
Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 6741 (2017)

Dicalum sample